You won’t find these anywhere else right now! [Deadwood Tobacco Co.]

Are you ready for sinfully good time?

With names like Sweet Jane, Fat Bottom Betty and Crazy Alice, these three "ladies" have a colored and checkered past. But like all ladies, they have the power to bring even the strongest man to his knees.

In fact, they are bringing men to their knees all over the place, because they are simply sold out EVERYWHERE...except we have them at Cigars Direct!

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Deadwood Tobacco Co by Drew Estate


Drew Estate is anything but ordinary, and these smokes are no exception.

Less-than-traditional sizing and packaging on these Three Yummy Bitches (the original name!).

Plus you'll enjoy these non-infused but sweetened cap smokes. Smooth dark Maduro wrappers, with hints of mocha and earthiness throughout. 

A pleasure, but a sinful one at that!

Get 'em while you can!


Happy Smoking,


~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc