A tribute to Jose Padron (1926-2017)

"He was so much more than just a cigar guy." - Jorge Padron

Shortly after midnight on December 5, a cigar icon, industry giant, and founder of Padron Cigars, Jose Orlando Padron, passed away at 91.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Padron family and company during this time.

One of Padron's favorite quotes was by Cuban poet Jose Marti which stated,

"Men are divided into two groups:
those who love and create and those who hate and destroy."

Clearly, Padron's life is marked by his love for others, and his love to create. As a poor immigrant in America, he was able to found a small family business rolling cigars in Miami in 1964.

His early smokes were quite modest. He sold his wares for $.25 a piece and targeted other Cuban expats in the cafeterias of Miami.

In 1967, he imported his first crop of Nicaraguan tobacco, which changed his company forever. With the Nicaraguan tobacco, his cigar production went from 479,000 cigars to over 800,000 cigars in a year. In 1970 he opened his first cigar factory in Nicaraguan in 1970.

Some might say the rest is history.

From $.25 cigars to the creation of some of the most widely acclaimed cigars in the world; Jose Padron left an indelible mark on the world of cigars.

No other cigar company has received as many accolades from premier cigar magazine, Cigar Aficionado as Padron. Padron cigars have been named Cigar of the Year a record three times!

His legacy extends beyond his cigar accomplishments. When asked in 2014 what he'd like to be remembered for, he replied (with a burning Padron cigar in his hand),

"As someone who has helped others.
What I've had, I've shared with other people, with my family."

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May we all love a little more and create a little more in his honor.

Happy Smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

P.S. If you've never had the pleasure of smoking a Padron, this is a great opportunity to experience for yourself why the name Padron is synonymous with elegance, style, and sophistication.