We’re throwing it waaay back….[RP Vintage 1999 Connecticut on Sale!]He saved the best for last!

Following his success of Vintage ‘90 and ‘92 comes the ‘99 Vintage Connecticut to complete the trilogy.

And by many accounts, he might’ve saved the best for last.

This exquisite 7-year-old Connecticut leaf wrapper hugs the equally-long-aged Dominican and Nicaraguan long-leaf fillers inside.

It's damn delicious, and we're moving them off the shelves!

RP Vintage 1999 Connecticut
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 A mild and mellow buttery-smooth smoke might be the best choice for a morning smoke or a kickoff for your relaxing weekend.

A slightly spicy cigar with creamy notes of earth and wood inside, make this a truly enjoyable smoke.

Happy Smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.