The Day the Angels Smoked

How a tragic fire produced a cigar blessed by heaven...

When distilling spirits, the natural evaporation from the barrels is called the "Angel's Share." It's thought that the guardian angels watching over it, sample it and give it their blessing.

In 2012, a fire swept through the Fuente family's Dominican warehouses destroying tobacco that had been aging for over 70 years! Though tragic to the family, the angels must've had a great smoke that day. This cigar is a tribute to that fire.

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This cigar is balanced, elegant, slightly sweet with cedary flavors that evolve into cocoa notes later in the smoke. It has a nutty and slightly leathery finish that lasts for a long long time.

It's been said that "fools rush in where angels fear to tread." But it would be foolish not to rush in on this deal...Stock up now!

The Day the Angels Smoked