The Amazing Story Behind Lost City [COTW]Did you know where the idea for this cigar came from?

When I first heard the story about Fuente Fuente OpusX Lost City cigars...I didn't believe it. More on that in a minute...

This cigar is one of the hardest for us to get in stock...regular OpusX sticks are challenging to get. But Opus X Lost City cigars?

Almost impossible!

((I guess that's what happens when you are conceived out of a famous Hollywood movie.))

The thing is...once you smoke one of these, you'll realize what all the hype is about. They are made with extremely rare tobaccos that have been aging for years prior to production. It's a full-bodied smoke that really makes you feel ALIVE.

And guess who recently got a small shipment of them? Your old buddy Juan!

So guess what Juan's Cigar of the Week is? You guessed it!

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I almost forgot to give you the story of where this cigar came from! Here goes...

Back in 2004, actor and director Andy García contacted Carlos Fuente, Jr. and asked him if he could film scenes for his movie 'The Lost City' in the Fuente fields.

The film was scheduled to shoot in July of that year...the only problem was that the crop had already been harvested!

So in order for them to provide a setting for the film...15 acres of tobacco were planted by Fuente (in what would ordinarily have been the off season.)

A very special crop was born out of this plantting...and it was harvested, cured, and manufactured for its' first release in 2009 (five years after Garcia had first approached them!)

The result? Fuente Fuente OpusX The Lost of the rarest cigars of all time.