Take It All Off!  [Arturo Fuente Anejo WEEKEND SALE]

I’m talking about the WEEKEND ONLY SALE -- I promise! ;)

The Arturo Fuente Anejo is as fun to smoke...as it is to “undress.” Lemme explain…

Even before the first light...you’ve got a label, a cedar strip wrap around and a red ribbon tied on the foot to get through. The Arturo Fuente Anejo really does push the bounds when it comes to its amazing cigar dressing.

But...guess what?

It’s totally worth it! If there’s anything important before an “undress” it’s consistency!

And this stick’s got it...in spades.

Rated a “94” by Cigar Aficionado, this smoke is a good time. Every. Single. Time!

At the heart of its delicious palate is a rich build of syrupy oak and pepper, followed by a subtle hint of cinnamon towards the end.

Smoking an Arturo Fuente Anejo is above all an incredibly smooth, satisfying and consistently awesome experience.

The wrapper alone makes this smoke especially unique. It’s aged patiently in barrels of Cognac, and gives out a nice burst of flavor with every puff. If you like Cognac, you’ll love this stick!

Ready to have some fun?

Save 15% on Arturo Fuente Anejo cigars!
**Weekend Only Special