I was SpellboundSPELLBOUND?

Have you ever fallen "head over heels" in love with someone?

It's happened to me a few times in my life so far but I'll never forget the first time...

She was cool, confident and beautiful. I knew I was in trouble before she even said a word.

...and she knew it too. She knew she had me SPELLBOUND.

I never really understood what people meant when they used that word until the end of that summer when I met her. And from that moment on, I knew exactly what it was.

When Ashton first released their VSG Spellbound, I didn't think they could capture this feeling...but somehow, I think they were able to. And from my first smoke, I was "theirs".

Want to see what I mean? Try one out for yourself because the VSG Spellbound is Juan's Cigar of the Week...go fall in "love" here:

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A private estate in Ecuador furnishes the proprietary wrapper of this Virgin Sun Grown (VSG) cigar from high-grade Sumatra seeds.

The region’s natural cloud cover serves as a delicate sunlight filter, slowly maturing the highest primings and creating "natural" perfection.

4-to-5-year-aged Dominican tobaccos (procured from the most fertile plants) underscore a powerful cedar and espresso flavor...against a vibrant, dark chocolate expanse.

Prepare to ponder something serious and beautiful because the Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Spellbound is...

...the original declaration of bold, balanced determination.

I was Spellbound

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