Special in every way [Padron Special Releases on Sale NOW]

Now isn't that special?

Padron loves to commemorate important dates with Special Release cigars.

Each smoke has its own unique nuances, flavors, and aromas.

The 80th Anniversary celebrates Jose Padron's 80th birthday. A powerhouse mix of well-aged, and bold flavors in this Nicaraguan masterpiece.

The 40th Anniversary commemorates the Company's anniversary and consistently is ranked by industry experts as one of the top brands in the world.

The No. 90 Tubos celebrate, you guessed it, Jose Padron's 90th birthday, inside individual tubes, and has also earned top marks.

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These Special Releases are indeed "special" in flavor, experience, and availability.  Take advantage of these huge savings today!

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
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