She’s a classy lady…[COTW Opus X Reserva D’Chateau]

We're bringing classy back...

If this cigar were a lady, I imagine the construction workers would whistle at her as she walked by.

(But being a lady, she'll ignore them, with her head held high and keep walking.)

Just like a classy lady, this cigar is beautiful, smooth, and the more you get to know her, the more complex she becomes.   

She's my pick for Cigar of the Week...

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Arturo Fuente
Opus X
Reserva D'Chateau

This elegant premium Dominican puro is as pleasing to the eyes as it is on the palate. 

But don't let her class intimidate you. She's a must try for all (but especially Churchill fans)! Save with this deal and order today!

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

P.S.  Many smokers agree, that the "House Reserve" is wonderful right out of the gate, but if you can order some for now and some for later, this classy lady only gets better with age!