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Opus X Perfecxion No. 5

We think this cigar is perfecxion!

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"A little cigar with enough power to make you sit down to smoke. Starts out with that Opus strength and bold flavor and stays till the end, carries Cuban boldness. A great little cigar." Steve T., Cigars Direct customer

"The absolute best cigar I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying, bar none!" Anthony W., Cigars Direct customer

"The Perfecxion #5 is my favorite of the Opus X line. It is a great size that means I can smoke one on a whim and don't feel bad because I don't have enough time. It also has a great flavor and aroma. The flavor is milder than most other Opus X cigars but sill has a great woodsy taste that I have come to love from this brand. Fuente hit a high note with this one." Tom P, Cigars Direct customer

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