The most anticipated release ever…[San Cristobal W’end Sale]

Patience + Skill = The most anticipated release...ever! 


You'd expect something that bears the names of Jose 'Don Pepin' Garcia and Ashton to be something spectacular, and your expectations would be on the money.

Together, with seeds from Cuba plus the black fertile soil of Nicaragua and world-class cigar expertise, the San Cristobal line of cigars was born.

And the world rejoiced!

They created quite the stir in the mid-2000s when they released this line, and the hype hasn't died down since.

San Cristobal ALL Lines* Sale
This Weekend Only
Boxes 12% Off
& 5% Off 5-packs

*Excludes Ovation Line

A luxurious cigar, carefully balanced, and patiently aged to perfection. Slow down and savor this truly sophisticated cigar.

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

P.S. Start your weekend off right with this deal. Sale ends Sunday.