Radiantly sun-kissed [Ashton ESG 24 hour FLASH!]Radiant in it's sun-kissed and sun-grown glory! 

The Dominican puro, the Ashton ESG (Estate Sun Grown) is the definition of a perfectly rolled cigar. Wrapped in its glorious sun-grown robe, it is a practically perfect cigar.

You'll enjoy the easy light, the pleasant scent of sweet hay and rich soil and a hint of rich cinnamon and cocoa. The lavish band, the oily sheen, and minimal veins make this smoke a feast your eyes and your palate.  

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Ashton ESG 
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Considered the crowning achievement of 20 years of collaboration between cigar gods Robert Levin and Carl Fuente Jr., this cigar is definitely worthy of a box purchase.

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

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