Padron Back in Stock Sale (Weekend Deal)I'm Sorry...

Hey there,

For some reason it was really hard for us to keep Padron cigars in stock this summer...

...and every time I got an email from one of you guys asking me "When are you going to have more Padrons?!"

...I felt terrible.

BUT! I was finally able to get a NICE shipment and since I want to make it up to's what I'm going to do:

Save 10% on Padron boxes
(this weekend only!)

+ 10% off all Padron boxes
+ 5% off all Padron 5-packs
+ FREE shipping on all orders over $199

(No promo-code needed)

I'm not sure how long this shipment will last.

So if you want to stock up AND save...GO NOW!

Have a great weekend my friend!