Padron Damaso ‘Lightning’ SALE (Save 10% until the end of March)!PADRON'S "STUNNING" NEW CIGAR...

No long email from me today...because March is almost over and I want to hook you up with a treat. Last summer, the good folks at Padron introduced the sublime Damaso. As you probably know, Padron is known for their strong, full-bodied cigars. But they wanted people who prefer a bit milder smoke to also get to enjoy the truly unique experience of a Padron cigar... ...and that's where the Padron Damaso comes in. In the words of Jorge Padron who said the cigars were geared "for those who seek the quality and consistency of Padron in a milder taste profile. ...We've never had a cigar in that segment of the market and it's time we do something about it." Damaso cigars are mild-to medium-bodied, covered with Connecticut-seed wrappers, and sold in the round, rather than the traditional Padron box-press...and they are simply amazing! For the next TWELVE HOURS, we are running an outrageous sale on this hot, new cigar exclusively for you:

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