COTW: Padron 1964 Anniversary SeriesMarlon Brando's Got Nothing on This 'Godfather'!

The creator of Padron Cigars escaped Cuba and arrived in New York City on December 4th, 1961.

This legendary man’s name was Jose Orlando Padron, aka “The Godfather” of the Padron Family.

Jose brought little else with him besides his Cuban traditions and sensibilities about making cigars.

Three years later in 1964, Jose opened his own cigar business, Padron Cigars, Inc.

Padron would grow to become a proverbial empire in the cigar making business and one of the top brands in the world!

In short, Jose was a total badass. And luckily for us, so are his cigars! Which is why...

...Juan's Badass Cigar of the Week is the Padron 1964 Anniversary No. 4!

(Available in both NATURAL and MADURO wrappers.)

The No. 4 holds a special meaning for the Padron family. The Godfather left Cuba on April 1, 1961 and headed to Spain. He then had to wait for several months before finding a way to make it to the USA...and finally in late November of that same year he set sail for America.

"The boat that I came on arrived in New York on December 4," said José Orlando Padrón, speaking through his son Jorge in an interview with Cigar Aficionado. "The birthday of this patron saint."

At 6.50 inches long with a 60 ring gauge, the No. 4 is one of the larger ring gauge cigars out there and among the biggest ever made by Padron!

Now usually I don't go for the larger ring cigars. But I was quite pleasantly surprised when Iit this stick!

All the tobacco used in this limited production series is aged for 4 years and gives the cigar an incredibly smooth flavor.

When I lit the head I was met with an incredibly deep undertone of rich chocolate and espresso. One of the coolest things about it’s larger size is the impressive blooms of smoke it creates.

Larger ring gauge cigars are becoming more popular and I wanted to throw this one out there for you to check out.

Ready to try one out for yourself? Here's your chance:

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