A slam dunk deal [Padron 1964 Anniversary Weekend Deal]

A triumphant finish...

It's like the half-court shot at the buzzer to win, or the underdog defying the odds to make it to the championship. Those are the epic sports moments we all love.  In honor of the game, and in honor of what many consider one of the best-of-the-best Padron smokes, we round out our own Padron March Madness with this...

Save 12% on Boxes
& 10% on 5-packs
Padron 1964 Anniversary

on orders over $199

You'll be hard pressed to find negative reviews of the Padron 1964 Anniversary cigars. Considered part of the "top bracket" by cigar connoisseurs from all walks of life. It's an equal opportunity pleaser that won't leave you disappointed.

Happy Smoking,


~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc

P.S. Remember this deal runs only through the weekend, so don't delay!