Once considered “impossible” resulted in “perfecxion”

Can pilgrims and cigars really have something in common?

This week we'll celebrate Thanksgiving. We remember a voyage across a tempestous sea in a ship far too small, and ill-equipped, for the 102 souls on board. But we know the end of the story. They defied all the odds, and they made it to the new world...to America!

This week's Cigar of the Week has many parallels. The wrapper on this Dominican cigar was considered "impossible" to grow because of the topography and the wind on the island. But the folks at Arturo Fuente wouldn't settle for shortcuts...and it's a good thing they didn't, because it resulted in a nearly perfect smoke.

Juan's Cigar of the Week is:

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This is one of our most popular cigars and for good reason. It usually makes all the "Top 10" and "Best of the Best" lists. We hope you'll give extra thanks this week, with one of these in your hand.


PS. From all of us at Cigars Direct, we're thankful for you and your business! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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