This one only gest better with age! [Opus X Reserva D’ Chateau Blowout!]

This cigar might test your resolve...

Sometimes you should buy a cigar to enjoy right away, and then there are times you need to buy it and put it in the bottom of your humidor and try to forget you have it for a few years.

The flavor profile of this cigar is absolutely extraordinary.  Each third is almost like a brand new experience with spice, cedar and pepper and a lot of cinnamon flavor throughout.

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Opus X Reserva D' Chateau!

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These sticks are great out of the boxes, but arguably even better after aging a few years in your humidor (if you can wait that long!) :)  Either way, you'll enjoy the entire experience with this Opus X cigar!

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

PS.  Elegant in every detail this cigar presents a bold, spicy smoke that's smooth as silk.  A rare find perfect for those special occasions.  A worthy investment to stock up on now!