The “House” always wins! [Opus X Reserva D’ Chateau 24-Hour SALE]Awesome now, awesome-er later! :)

Millions of smokers, can't be wrong! But if you've ever smoked an Opus X and wondered what all the fuss was about, I have a little challenge for you.

Purchase this deal and put them in the bottom of your humidor and "try" to forget about them for about 3-5 years. I think they are the best with a little age on them.

If you've got the willpower, the flavors reach a sweet spot in a few years. I think you'll see that the "hype" is justified.

**24 Hour Sale**
Save on Opus X Reserva D' Chateau
15% off Sealed Boxes &
10% off 5-Packs

Of course, whether your sticks are young or old, the "House Reserve" is awesome no matter when you choose to enjoy them. You won't be disappointed!