At first she purrs, but then she bites! [Opus X Pussy Cat FLASH SALE!]Don't be fooled...

Rare to begin with, Opus X is hard to get your hands on, but a few times a year we're lucky enough to get our hands on an even rarer breed, the Opus X Pussy Cats.

You'd expect something sultry and a bit deceptive with a name like "Pussy Cat," and in this case, you wouldn't be wrong.

You'll discover that when you light up this kitty she purrs at first, but it's not long before she starts to bite.

Opus X Pussy Cat
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With surprising potency, you'll detect sweet fruit and a little caramel in the first third, a little more spice and a touch of cinnamon in the second third, and she'll bite 'ya with the peppery grassy notes in the third.

This is a kitty you'll want to curl up with again. Sale lasts only 48 hours.