COTW: Oliva Serie V Double Toro

"Nothing compares to Cuba like Nicaragua." --Gilberto Oliva

We think Nicaraguan cigars deserve a little more respect. After fleeing from Cuba in the 1960s, the Oliva family had to find the next best place to grow their tobacco fields and rebuild their business.

They found what they were looking for in the lush landscape of Nicaragua. You'll understand why it's so special when you try...

Juan’s Cigar of the Week: the Oliva Serie V Double Toro at 10% off

Cigar Aficionado says, “This thick log of a cigar is very well constructed, with a dark, richly hued wrapper and a four-seam cap. It delivers smoky cedar, mesquite and a touch of sweetness.”

COTW: Oliva Serie V Double Toro