Not for the faint of heart [Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic + Free Shipping]

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The strongest smoke to date in the Garcia family repertoire.

Cigar master Don Pepin Garcia has created an homage to the long-vanished Cuban cigars available before the trade embargo was signed in the early 1960s.

Both ‘Cuban’ and ‘Classic’ aptly describe this smoke.

It builds in strength as it progresses with spice, cedar, and hints of vanilla. While many enthusiasts talk about Cubanesque cigars, none come as close to the real thing as those produced by Cuban-born Don Pepin himself.

Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic 1979
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One reviewer noted, "A lovely cigar that has an elegant draw and burn. The blend is pleasant with toasted almond flavor, notes of wood and touches of leather on the palate." 

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~Juan Panesso
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