New size + same amazing quality [COTW- Padron 1926 Anny No. 47 Maduro]

A flavor bomb of epic proportions!

Each year elite tobacco retailers that make up the Tobacco Association of America (TAA) gather for a mini-trade show. This cigar was released for this gathering and has had rave reviews ever since.

Box pressed to perfection, this cigar with well-defined complex notes and a perfect burn make for sheer enjoyment and one of the best Padron cigars to date!

It's new and I want to share it with you. It's my pick for Cigar of the Week.

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NEWEST Padron Size
1926 Anniversary
No. 47 Maduro!

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Each third of this cigar is smooth and complex, but the last third brings it all together in a flavor bomb of licorice, espresso, dark chocolate and toasty flavors. It's a masterpiece you don't want to miss. Order today!