Badass COTW- My Father La Antiguedad Corona Grande

This cigar is not for the "faint-of-heart"...

All week, I’ve gotten a ton of requests for a bold, full-body smoke. And it got me thinking...

What do I look for in a strong cigar?

Then it finally HIT me...

I find that a great bold cigar has two things going for it:

1) Exquisite flavor.

2) Smooth delivery.

Simple, right?

And this is precisely why...

...Juan’s Badass Cigar of the Week is the My Father La Antiguedad Corona Grande.

The Garcia family of My Father Cigars hailed the line as a celebration of their Cuban heritage. Using a Habano Rosado Oscuro wrapper from Ecuador, these smokes feature a unique triple blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos...all aged for a minimum of 3 years!

The first puff of the My Father La Antiguedad Corona Grande gives an absolute zing of intense spicy pepper flavor. Almost immediately a delicate combination of leather and dusted truffle unfolds beneath the initial heat.

The pepper kick lingers through the first third, and softens into welcoming notes of coffee, dark cocoa, and worldly leather.

The flavors plateau in complexity during the second third, while increasing in intensity throughout the smoke.

The last third drops a "nicotine A-Bomb"...while also bringing back that familiar opening spice.

And yet...this smoke retains its "smooth factor" from start to finish. PERFECTLY.

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Enjoy! And as always…

"I am sure there are many things better than a good cigar, but right now, I can't think of what they might be." -Richard Carleton