You may not be royalty, but…[Drew Estate Undercrown Sungrown]

This smoke is Royalty of another kind...

With all the buzz about the royal wedding, I was reminded of the story of Drew Estate's Undercrown Sungrown line.

The rollers at Drew Estate had become quite accustomed to "sampling" the King's (the higher-ups) finest stock (Liga Privada No 9's). 

When they were told they could no longer smoke them because the demand was so high, they decided to create an alternative.

Reshuffling the blend, the rollers "blended on the factory floor." Undercrown's filler makes use of different tobacco primings and is most similar to the Liga Privada's T52 binder, but features an Ecuadorian Sumatra seed, Sun Grown wrapper.

The result was a cigar suitable for a king, fit for a prince, and a delight for the commoners, it was the Undercrown Sun Grown.

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Undercrown Sun Grown
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These were released in July of last they are literally still hot off the presses. 

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Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

P.S.  You may not be royalty, but this a royally good smoke! A perfect blend and balance of natural sweetness, courtesy of the Sun Grown wrapper, paired with a powerhouse blend of Nicaraguan fillers. The result is a spicy and robust cigar with a long complex finish. Full-bodied and delectably flavorful! It's the Drew Estate Undercrown Sun Grown.