A masterpiece that will leave you in awe [LAdC Sale + Free Ship!]

Old world charm, new world appeal...

It was under the watchful and discriminating eye of master blender, Don Pepin Garcia that the "La Aroma" has undergone quite a makeover from its original Cuban roots.

Don Pepin uses only the best reddish Cuban-seeded Honduran or Nicaraguan leaves and fills it with the most delectable blend of the finest Cuban-seeded fillers. 

Its name is synonymous with quality and value, La Aroma will please your palate and your pocketbook. (And now, even more so...)

La Aroma de Cuba
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 Sale Ends January 21, 2019

With vintage appeal, this cigar packs a full-bodied and robust punch. It's gotta a whole lotta old world charm with new world appeal. 

Affordably priced, so you can enjoy it more often (starting now!).

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~Juan Panesso
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