The Luckiest smoke you’ll find! [Forbidden x 13 on sale now!]

Lucky #13

The Fuente's have kept the flame alive for over 100 years in the business! 

This extremely rare limited edition smoke pays homage to this incredible cigar-making brand, with a number that has true significance to the family.

-->Carlos Fuente Sr. was born on 13th street.

-->Their headquarters are located at 1310 N 22nd St.

-->Founder Arturo Fuente died at 85 years old,  if you add the digits of his age it equals 13.

--> The wrapper for this smoke was grown on a 13-acre plot of land owned by the Fuentes.

So you see, 13 has been quite lucky for the Fuentes...we think you'll find it lucky too!

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Some of the rarest cigars on the market. The Forbidden X is aged in caramel-hued Dominican wrappers.

Notes of cedar, oak, and leather combine with signature Opus X spice to deliver a medium to full-bodied profile. It's a top-shelf offering.

The world famous Fuente Family outdo themselves on every offering they bring to market! These will be no X-ception!

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

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