A sequel that will not disappoint [Liga Privada T52 FLASH Sale]

When the second act rivals the first...

In my humble opinion, sequels are often disappointing.  In the case of movies, It's hard to beat the original (with only a few exceptions, like The Godfather II and The Dark Knight and The Bourne Supremacy). But I digress...

In the cigar world, there have only been a handful of cases where a sequel rivals its highly-acclaimed predecessor.  But the Liga Privada T52 is one such exception.  Some thought it was impossible, but the Stalk Cut Habano wrapper offers a truly exceptional experience that might become your next "go-to" cigar.

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Drew Estate's
Liga Privada T52!

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Here's what Drew Estate has to say about the T52..."Meticulously blended over a period of two years to be a worthy humidor companion to our much heralded Liga Privada No. 9 recipe.  With notes of black pepper and spice, it is our choice when desiring a stronger, more robust smoke. Like it's predecessor, it is a complex marriage of seven distinct aged tobaccos handcrafted by our absolute best torcedors. Each cigar is guaranteed to be flawless in construction flavor and character...without exception." 

I think you'll agree.  Order now!