Liga Privada No. 9: In a League of it’s Own


I was just sitting at my desk thinking what cigar can I leave you guys with before I head home tonight. I have to fly out to Las Vegas tomorrow for a much needed mini-vacation, but before I go I wanted to share this mouth watering offer! To not complicate things for myself I said "Why not just share what you're going to be smoking all weekend?" It was very simple I discounted all of the No. 9 products on the website and created this super sale for you to take advantage of... The Liga Privada No. 9 has TRULY become my personal favorite...the Toro size :) In fact, check out my 5 Pack that I have ready for my trip! I will enjoy each one of these sitting poolside at the Encore Beach Club. Liga Privada No. 9: In a League of it’s Own Ok, enough about my weekend here is the DEAL! Boxes and 5 Packs are marked down 10% and Singles are discounted 5%. **PLUS get FREE shipping with all orders over $150** Do I have to say that supplies are EXTREMELY limited? Nah, I'm sure you already know that. I'd love to hear what has been your favorite cigar lately and I will try to get a discount email out as soon as I can...Have a great weekend!