If pigs really could fly, they’d taste this great! [COTW Liga Privada No 9 Flying Pig]

Who said pigs don't fly?

For Liga Privada fans, the Pig is one of the most desirable cigars in the line, and their rarity makes them as rare as seeing....well, a pig fly!

Stumpy, fat, short and bold. You probably shouldn't use these adjectives to describe your mother-in-law, but how else can you describe the Flying Pig? Down to its wee curly tail, this perfecto cigar is anything but a novelty.

It's my pick for the Cigar of the Week.

Liga Privada No 9.
"Flying Pig"
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You'll enjoy this full-flavored, full-bodied smoke and its aged cedar, dark cocoa, leather, hay and a nice touch of floral notes throughout.

Happy smoking,


~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

P.S. This is a cigar everyone should try, and for its rarity and price, you'll get your money's worth of enjoyment from this smoke. A spicy, complex flavor bomb. Not overwhelming, and fun to talk about as you smoke it!