This cigar isn’t special…it’s exceptional! [COTW-LADC Noblesse Viceroy Torpedo]This cigar isn't's exceptional!

"Noblesse" is French for nobility.  Aptly named, because this cigar would stand up to the scrutiny of the most refined palates.

Originally this noble breed was only supposed to be released to one store, but when the good folks at Ashton realized how extraordinary this cigar was, they knew they would need to increase production....but barely.

The newest size in the line is the "Viceroy."  With only 3,000 boxes of the Noblesse produced annually, and then the limited edition Viceroy, it's doubly limited and more sought after than ever!

Talk about an exceptional smoke!  Not only do we have them in stock, but we have them on SALE! That's why it's my pick for Cigar of the Week.

10% off boxes and 5-packs
La Aroma de Cuba's Noblesse Viceroy Torpedo

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Rich and loaded flavor and perfectly Cuban-esque, this cigar offers an ultra-complex bouquet of creamy smooth flavors that will have you coming back for more.

Happy Smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc

P.S. This Cigar of the Week pick is on sale now through next Tuesday when I make my next pick. Stay tuned for more great deals coming your way!