This cigar became famous in his hand [COTW-La Aroma de Cuba]

"If you're going through hell, keep going." Winston Churchill

I have a new respect for Winston Churchill after completing the first season of "The Crown."  His legacy lives on as the great and venerated British Prime Minister that helped lead the Allies to victory during WWII.

He'll be remembered as a great orator, statesman, and yes, an avid cigar smoker. Known to smoke up to 10 cigars a day, it was a rare sight to find Churchill without a cigar.  Despite (or maybe because of!) his personal habits, he still lived to be 90!

Many cigars are named after him, but our choice for The Cigar of the Week was made famous because of him.

While the blend of this cigar is different from the blend he smoked, many connoisseurs believe this cigar has a richer flavor and more assertive finish than the original.

La Aroma de Cuba
Mi Amor Reserva
Pomposo Gordo

Mr. Churchill posed for many-a-photo with a La Aroma de Cuba in his hand. You'll discover why the PM preferred this cigar so much when you experience the cool, slow burn and detect the gentle spicy notes that weave their way through this impressive bouquet.

An excellent cigar reblended for today, but that still exemplifies a classic fortitude--just like Churchill himself.

Happy Smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

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