Just because you’re special [Padron Special Release]

Now isn't that special?!...

This Padron family of cigars has grown to include the "Special Releases" that commemorate significant family events.  Events like the 40th and 50th anniversary of Padron and the 80th anniversary of Jose Padron's life.

Padron March Madness Continues...
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Padron Special Release

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Signifying special family dates, each cigar is individually hand-crafted from tobacco aged ten years.  Once exclusive to the Padron family, now limited in release and always very, very...special indeed!

Happy Smoking,


~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc

P.S. Each band has a unique serial number so you can be assured of the cigar's authenticity.

P.P.S. Remember this deal runs out in 24 hours, so don't delay!