“Some people meditate. I smoke cigars!”

If you’ve ever seen the hit show, Sons of Anarchy, you’ve watched Clay Morrow lighting his cigar. That’s because he smoked one in just about every episode!

((The cigar is practically its own character in the series.))

Just in case you're wondering, “Who the heck is Clay Morrow?”

Well for one, he’s the fictional character that spawned the Sons of Anarchy Cigars by Black Crown!

If you’re not familiar with the Sons of Anarchy, it’s centered around a hard-living, gun-running motorcycle gang (family) in California.

Twentieth Century Fox, the makers of the show, had been purchasing their cigars in droves from the renowned cigar company, Meier & Dutch.

Yep, real cigars.

Here's the thing...

....the actor who plays Clay Morrow (Ron Pearlman) is a HUGE cigar lover in real life. Throughout his career he’s shared the love of the smoke, stating:

“Some people meditate. I smoke cigars!”

Me too, Ron. Me too...

The series creators bought so many cigars during the show’s production that they decided to have their own line designed...based on the show!

This cigar is crafted with an extra-fermented Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper, and loaded with an aged Cuban-seed tobacco blend from Nicaragua.

Rich and full-bodied, this smoke provides for a sweet ride. Smooth, bold, and best on a full-stomach...

The flavor palate starts in full gear AND STAYS THERE!

It’s chock full of notes like raw earth, leather, and wood. A touch of zesty sweet n’ spicy notes make this one damn fine smoke.

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