A holiday “meal” from the chefs of cigar-making! [AF Boxes on Sale this weekend!]

"I consider myself a chef, my father a chef. We blend leaves." -Carlos Fuente Jr.

Maybe you never considered a cigar to be the equivalent of a fine meal, but according to the Fuentes, that's exactly what they're serving up!

Regardless of your preferences, chances are Arturo Fuente has a blend just right for you.

Now's your chance to feast on your old favorites, or try something new!

Fuente Holiday Sale
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Carlos Fuente went on to say, "It's [blending] very much like cooking, to get the complexity, the dimension, the personality, the signature of our family name inside every puff. We're chefs, and we have to offer different tastesĀ for different people."

We've got something to suit your tastes! Order today!

Happy Smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.