SUPER RARE HEMINGWAY IN STOCK & ON SALE…FOR NOW! [COTW]This Cigar is a Truly a "Work of Art"

The Hemingway Work of Art is VERY a limited edition cigar because it’s produced in REALLY small quantities and released around the winter holidays as a special treat for Fuente’s biggest fans and fanatics (like you and me!).

Somehow, I’m always able to find a few extra boxes each year and I save them for a summer treat for you guys!

So that’s why my pick for Juan’s Cigar of the Week is...

...the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Work of Art Maduro!

This cigar gives off an alluring sweet leather aroma.

The draw is effortless but don’t let it's size fool you. This one gives off TONS of smoke!

The foot lights quickly and instantly leaves a nice sweetness on the palate. The burn is nearly perfect --- completely even and no touch up required.

The first third starts out with a nutty, almost char like flavor. Rustic and velvety.

But the real “sweet spot” comes right in the middle. The smooth nutty wood flavor morphs to a meaty earth and pepper combo.


This little black stogie gets extremely pungent midway through with a sweet musky smoke that borders on an old west scent - aged saddle leather and aged oak trees.

The smoke ends with a nice bite...a bit spicy and borderline bitter.

Between the roller-coaster flavor palate and the aroma that will turn heads (or at least a few noses), this is a well thought-out cigar and it makes for an amazingly satisfying smoking experience.

It's also notoriously hard to find. And priced accordingly.

I’m rolling this deal out to make it a bit easier to try 'em out.

Save 12% Arturo Fuente Hemingway Work of Art Maduro!

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