Good enuf for the Padrons, good enuf for us! [Padron Family Reserve Sale!]

All in the family

The newest member of the Padron family is the Padron Family Reserve.

At one time, these cigars were exclusively made for the Padron family, but we are all now a part of the extended Padron family and the beneficiaries of this unique and highly-lauded cigar.

Receiving a staggering 95-rating, the Padron Family Reserve is said to be, "A pressed torpedo whose lush draw layers the palate with spices, wood and a profound nuttiness that combines with floral notes for a very complex and flavorful finish."

Padron Family Reserve
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Individually handcrafted cigars made from ten-year-aged tobacco make for a unique, and highly-lauded cigar.  The renowned Padron Family Reserve is a true connoisseur's favorite for good reason. When you want to add an instant classic to your collection, this choice won't let you down.

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~Juan Panesso
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