Forbidden fruit can be sweet! [Opus X Story Sale!]

We forbid you from trying this cigar!

There's something to reverse psychology, right?

The allure of the forbidden fruit in the garden was too much for our first parents to resist.

And something that we shouldn't enjoy, is usually something we relish in! (Such complicated creatures we are!)

Perhaps this cigar is named Forbidden because it's entirely sensual.

A dynamic smoking experience begins with the pure beauty it is to behold, the sheen, touch, smell and taste, it's so good, you'll think you're sinning by enjoying it.

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Opus X Story


Included in this Limited Edition are 4 cigars.

1- Fuente Fuente Forbidden X Robusto
1- Fuente Fuente Forbidden X Double Robusto
2- Fuente Fuente Forbidden X Toro

Each "Forbidden" cigar will take you through different nuances of flavor and fragrance. Floral, cinnamon, cognac, anise, licorice...I could go on. These are legendary and rare, so snatch them up while you can.  

Forbidden fruit can be as sweet. Enjoy!

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

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