Find perfect balance in your life with this…[Ashton Symmetry]A perfectly proportioned merger of aged tobaccos...

There is something very satisfying about finding symmetry in nature, like in a spider web, snowflake or a butterfly.

It's equally pleasing to find a cigar that has the perfect balance of flavor and strength. Ashton Cigar company has found that elusive balance with their line Symmetry.

Ashton merged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua into one bold smoke. 

The result is a cigar woven together with perfect...symmetry. 

Ashton fans...
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Ashton Symmetry

You'll enjoy the crisp notes of spice and oak as they flourish together early on, and the nuances of leather and figs for a superb finish. It wasn't named the #8 Cigar of the Year (2015) for nothing.

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

P.S.  We don't want you to be off-balance. :)  Double your order and store the extras in your humidor.  They age exceptionally well.