It’s a family affair…[Massive Savings on Padron Family Reserve]
Still taking the world by storm

Back in 2009, the Padron Family Reserve swooped onto the cigar world stage and quickly picked up fame and accolades.

Including the coveted and prestigious Cigar of the Year award.

Something no other company has ever achieved!

These individually handcrafted cigars are made from ten-year-aged tobacco.  

A true connoisseur's favorite for good reason. When you want to add an instant classic to your collection, this choice won't let you down.

Padron Family Reserve
18% off


Available in four different sizes, each representing a different yearly release significant to the Padron family's luxury blends.

A diverse smoking experience, that you'll enjoy with each and every puff.

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.