The most exclusive cigars in the WORLD [Opus X & Stefano Ricci] ON SALE NOW!'Exclusive' hardly describes it...

Privilege. Luxury. Style. Elegance.

Are all words to describe one of the most extremely limited releases ever created by Arturo Fuente OpusX for world-renowned Italian menswear designer, Stefano Ricci.

Being introduced to the US market for the first time, this luxury collaboration will deliver the best that money can buy...and let's be honest, you've gotta have a lotta money to buy it.

The Stefano Ricci Travel Humidor by OpusX features an Australian Mother of Pearl inlay and a black lacquered finish. The smokes are straight-sided parejos measuring 7x52 and proudly wear a special secondary band with the Stefano Ricci crest.

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Carlos Fuente Jr. said the Opus X Stefano Ricci cigars are "a blend and fusion of my favorite cigars...a special size, something different than we have ever released."

European luxury and Cuban sophistication collide with this most limited edition release. Available to you now through Cigars Direct.

Happy smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc.

P.S. These cigars will not be sold separately. They were intended only for Ricci's VIPs in this sleek travel humidor. If you want to try the cigars, you'll need to purchase a humidor or be a very privileged friend of one of Ricci's VIPs. :)