This one is on FIRE!Unique...and HOT!

‘Unique’ gets thrown around a lot in the cigar industry, but it couldn't be more true than it is with this smoke.

Juan’s Badass Cigar of the Week is the Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly!

Normally, tobacco leaves are air-cured (or air dried). Not with this stick...

...this special blend of tobacco is hung in large barns and dried over a smouldering fire made of rustic hickory, maple, and oak woods for up to ten weeks.

These American 'fire-cured’ tobacco leaves hail from Kentucky + Virginia and infuse the leaves with the signature smoky flavor.

There is truly nothing that tastes like this cigar on the market today.

>>>>When I first smoked one, it woke up taste buds I didn’t even know I had...and that’s a good thing!<<<<

This medium-bodied smoke blends a rich, flavorful palate of fire-cured hickory, sweet maple and even toasted oak.

This combo is a perfect harmony of hearty flavor and balanced smoothness.

An exceptional treat.

If you’ve been looking for this smoke, or just something different, this is it!

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But let’s not stop there...I’m going to make this EVEN sweeter for you :)

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