Double your pleasure, double your fun! [Oliva Serie V! Double Robusto Sale!]

The Ligero Especial

Comin' right up!

The ligero is a type of tobacco leaf found near the top of each tobacco plant. It's known to mature more slowly and produce a flavor bomb of spicy goodness.

The Oliva Serie V is full-bodied, full-flavored, and a full-tilt experience! 

The Serie V is the strongest and richest line of the Oliva brand and is enjoyed by those who prefer a medium to full-bodied experience.

You'll enjoy the layers of coffee, spice, dark and unsweetened chocolate flavors from start to finish.

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Oliva Serie 'V'

Double Robusto Boxes

One review noted: "This attractive, oily torpedo is full of dynamic nut, wood, and sweet cedar flavors that frame a substantial leather core. This finish is long and rich. Tasty and complex."

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~Juan Panesso
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