All that you’d expect from “the Man”…Flash Sale Don Carlos Personal Reserve Robusto

"The Man's 80th"

When founder Arturo Fuente Sr. passed away in 1958, he left his famous brand in the hands of his son Carlos Fuente.  Carlos purchased the company for $1. Since then, Carlos has managed to fill his father's shoes, and earn the reputation of "the Man."

Based on his father's blend, and modified to his own preferences for his 80th birthday, his Personal Reserve lives up to what you would expect from "the Man."

Extremely rare and limited, but I think everyone should try this one...

**Flash Sale**
Don Carlos
Personal Reserve

Rarely do we offer a discount this steep...but I believe it's a classic that every Arturo Fuente fan needs to try.  Get 'em while you can, they'll go fast!