COTW: Imperiale NaturalSome amazing things happened in 1964... Hey there, 1964 was a banner year for America.. Cassius Clay beat Sonny Liston on February 25th, 1964 to win the World Heavyweight championship. It was also the year that the first Ford Mustang from Ford Motor Company was made. And when the Verrazano Narrows Bridge was opened joining Staten Island and Brooklyn... Everything seemed a lot simpler (and kinder) back then. Maybe it's because social media had yet to take over the world :P who knows... But before I get on my "soapbox" let me tell you a bit about why 1964 is so special to a cigar lover like me... It was the year that Padron Cigars was started in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, Florida. Fast forward thirty years to 1994... ...that was the year, Padron released their 1964 Anniversary line and it's been one of my favorites ever since. I can confidently say that these cigars are one of the smoothest, best tasting, full-bodied sticks you will ever smoke. Want to know what my current obsession is and what my pick for Cigar of the Week is?

It's the Padron 1964 Anniversary Imperiale Natural!

This is the thickest stick in the Anniversary line and it's so damn satisfying to smoke.

Here's how the folks at Cigar Aficionado described this cigar:
"The elegant, balanced flavor of the cigars comes from judicious amounts of well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos.They are trunk pressed to give them their classic brick-like shape, and have that trademark PadrĂ³n flavor of cocoa and light chocolate and a long, rich finish."
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