COTW: Dirty Rat 10% OffA unique, distinctive taste which you won’t find anywhere else.

Jonathan Drew & Marvin Samel are the founders of Drew Estate.

Just two regular guys that worked their tails off and eventually took the cigar world by storm.

Sounds like me and Edwin :) Just two regular guys working tails off to take your world by storm with each Cigar of the Week -- like this one!

Drew Estate UNICO SERIES Dirty Rat at 10% OFF

This cigar incorporates seven different tobaccos in it’s unique blend:

  • Five for the long fillers.
  • One for the binder.
  • One for the wrapper.

According to Steve Saka, Drew Estate President,

“Nicholas Melillo created the “Dirty Rat” blend using the five-fillers-in-a-Corona techniques he developed on his own and it was simply delicious. We have been making them since early 2009 in small batches for own consumption and to share with friends…”

Well you’d expect the president of the company to talk it up…

...but Cigar Aficionado gave it a thumbs up calling it

“A near-black petit corona whose lush draw delivers a chewy, medium- to full-bodied smoke full of licorice and sugary notes before an earthy finish.”

And let me warn you, this cigar smokes like a freight train!

The Drew Estate UNICO SERIES Dirty Rat - A unique cigar you simply have to grab at 10% OFF.