Cigars Direct Gift Guide Is here! [See inside]An Ode to the Cigars Direct Gift Guide

It's here again, that time of year;
Your list is long, but have no fear!

Gifts to give, and gifts to get;
We've got 'em here, don't get upset!

Smokers like smokes;
And need new supplies;
This isn't a hoax;
Instead, a SURPRISE!

Maybe your friend doesn't know what he likes;
A Cigar Sampler might be his delight!

No buyer's remorse when you purchase some swag;
For lighters and cutters will fill up his bag.

No list is complete without Certificates too;
So your cigar-lovin' friend can purchase some Drew.

From boxes to singles and 5-packs galore;
Your gift-giving prowess will soon be folklore.

It's time to get going, you've got the know-how;
It's all very simple, just click the "Shop Now"! 

Cigars Direct Gift Guide Is HERE!

Happy Smoking to all, and to all a good night!

~Juan Panesso

Cigars Direct, Inc.