A cigar worthy of the hype [COTW-Unico Serie L40]

The "unique ones"...

The Unico Serie's claim to fame is being slightly different than the norm.  The L40 is no exception with a 40 ring gauge instead of the usual 38, but the "uniqueness" doesn't end there. Skinny, but packing a punch, this cigar has an earthy aroma, slight notes of oak and pepper, and pours out thick smoke through the whole experience.

Somewhat like a "unico"rn, if you run across one of these you better make your move, cuz they don't appear everyday. :)

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"A nice-looking lance with a thick, dark oily wrapper and round head.  Each puff seems to hit the palate with salty wood notes, sweet butterscotch flavor, and a slightly metallic mineral aftertaste."  -Cigar Aficionado

While there's a lot of hype surrounding this cigar, it's well-deserved.  A dynamite cigar that I think is worthy your time.

Happy Smoking,

~Juan Panesso
Cigars Direct, Inc

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