The purpose of the COTW is not only to introduce new BADASS cigars to you but to share with you history, traditions, new blends, sizes and knowledge about this fun hobby we all love!

I don’t expect you to try every single COTW I introduce…but I do ask you to try to keep an open mind and pick up a new cigar from time to time…and give it a chance, a real chance…

…and when you do I want you to ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) Why did I start smoking this cigar? Am I sorry I did or so happy I did?

We’ve all been there, we take a new cigar and with the first few puffs we are sorry we even tried it. Although this has happened to me many times I like to give the cigar makers the respect they deserve and I finish every new cigar through the last phase or third.

If I enjoy a cigar I ask myself the next 2 questions…

2) When will I smoke this cigar?

I have my morning, afternoon and evening cigars and then I also throw in a weekend cigar and special occasion.

3) Is this cigar good enough that I will purchase it?

Sometimes I enjoy a cigar that a friend gives me but that doesn’t mean I am going to buy it. We are not going to buy all the “Good” cigars we try but we just might discover a new one to purchase if we just try each cigar we smoke with an open mind all the way through. Some have been a disappointment through to the end and some have really impressed me through the final 3rd and I’m thankful I stuck with it.

I hope you enjoy a few Badass COTW selections along the way!