The cigar equivalent of a sirloin steak? [Weekend Deal!]

 A cigar of substance and robustness: the Ashton Cabinet Series

"The cigar is something that commands respect. It is made for all the senses and all the pleasures; for the nose, the palate, the fingers, the eyes...a good cigar contains the promise of a totally pleasurable experience." -Zino Davidoff

It's the end of the week. You've worked hard, and hopefully some relaxation time awaits you this weekend. Do your plans include anything that involve all your senses? That is...anything that you can share? :)

The Ashton Cabinet Series ( will certainly deliver on a pleasureable experience. This cigar is considered the "White Burgundy" of cigars and has a rich well-rounded taste. With no less than six different tobaccos, it takes 7 years to make from seedling to finished cigar!

Weekend-Only Special
12%off Ashton Cabinet Series Boxes! 

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So, grill up that steak, pour that cocktail, and light up an Ashton. Your senses will be be glad you did!

The cigar equivalent of a sirloin steak? [Weekend Deal!]